Rich Herniated Disc Issues

“I’ve had herniated disc issues for over 10 years causing me constant pain and numbness in my right arm. Flare ups generally take quite a bit of time to recover from.

Testing during my recent flare up showed further damage to my disc and my doctor recommended extensive surgery. For the better part of a year, I tried numerous alternatives to avoid surgery including anti-inflammatory medicine, extensive physical therapy, acupuncture, and epidural injections. My situation improved slightly, but I was still not 100%.

As a last ditch effort to avoid surgery, I reached out to Mike Duffy to try a personal training regimen. He customized an exercise and stretching program focused on my specific disc issue. We met monthly to go over my progress and adjust my program. After just three months the pain and numbness are completely gone! In all the years I’ve been dealing with my herniated disc, I’ve never been pain and numbness free. I’m beyond grateful to Mike and will continue to use the program he designed for me to maintain my disc health. Thanks again Mike!”

Rich Christina