crush your
Future goals with
a well-defined
Franchise model

Invest in a performance-driven
Fitness studio Franchise

Changing lives is the
core of our business

Mike Duffy's personal training is more than a gym or a place to workout

It's a personal training business with the potential to change your clients' lives and give you long-term professional results that can last a lifetime.

The strength of our business model is in the personalized approach we take, our targeted marketing tactics, and our unmatched weight loss and body fat challenges, complete with cash prizes for winning clients! Our fitness studio franchise model offers mostly one-on-one training plus some group sessions that go beyond just counting reps. We tailor programs to fit each client's needs, whether it's weight loss, conditioning, recovery from injury, or a desire to look and feel better.

Mike Duffy has built an experienced team of his own that has helped thousands of clients become a healthier version of themselves. Now he wants to help you get the results you want from an investment in your own fitness studio franchise. As a Mike Duffy's Personal Training franchise owner, you can put the instant credibility of more than 30 years of experience in health, fitness, personal training, and business building to work for you. The model is designed to let you set your own pace and build a business that can generate rewards for years to come.

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Lasting satisfaction with a business of your own

Let's face it - if your clients don't see results, you won't have many clients to maintain. The same principle applies to our franchise program. It's set up with a long-term vision focused on getting results for investors like you.

When you join our team with your own Mike Duffy's Personal Training Franchise, you open up the potential to grow in a way you likely could not do on your own. You have access to the tools you need to quickly build a client base, expand your fitness business, add loactions, purchase your own buildings, and set yourself up for an exciting future.

Check out our website’s Our Services Page that includes personal training, nutrition guidance and conditioning classes for all fitness levels and ages.

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Our Brand Takes your goals seriously

One-on-one coaching is at the core of our franchise concept, just like it is with our personal training programs. You can get the support you need from an experienced team that knows what it takes to perform in the health and fitness industry.

Whether you're a first-time business owner or ready to convert your private training venture into your own fitness studio franchise, we can show you how to get the results you've always wanted.

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Here are some benefits that come from investing in a mike Duffy's personal Training Franchise

1. Select a scalable location
in your protected territory with between 1,500 & 4,000 square feet for our fitness studio franchise.

2. Grow your client base
by offering quick-start programs, one-on-one training & other fitness options.

3. Streamline your operations
with our complete package of fully developed fitness training techniques, seminars, materials, and more.

4. Build your business
with ready-made, tried-and-tested marketing programs that appeal to clients who want to get results and change how they look and feel.

Do you have the guts to challenge yourslef with a fitness studio franchise that can change your life, as well as your client's lives?

Find out what it takes to join the Mike Duffy's Personal Training Franchise team and transform your future

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